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Friday, July 6, 2012

Campaign materials

Campaign materials are important things in every election. For candidates and parties campaign materials are part of their logistic.  In Indonesia they have to spare some or even big budget for this.  

Campaign materials can have some forms. The most important is that there are vision, missions and programs of candidates, symbols or signs of the candidates or parties on that pursue to invite people to vote the candidate or the candidates or the party. 

Small Banner  of one candidate. Picture taken along the street in the front of Hotel Shangrila, Central Jakarta.

The forms of the campaign materials usually used in Indonesia are:
1. Flag: has a symbol or sign that has color, size and meaning as the identity of the candidate/s with the certain number decided by Election Commission’s office. 
2. Baliho or banner is a kind of flag, but their length is horizontal. Banner can be hung on the tree, on the electricity pillars, on the fence, or on the wall of a building.  
3. Umbul-umbul is a kind of baliho, but longer and hung on a bamboo or a long and high pillar. Usually displayed outside of building or along the street and temporarily for an occasion. 
4. Giant Banner is a very big banner, usually displayed on the street, like advertisement, so people can see the content from far away. 
5. Spanduk is a kind of banner, but the length is vertical. This is the most of campaign materials using in Indonesia. 

Sticker, poster, booklet, are not mentioned in the regulation as campaign materials, although these types are widely used among the candidates. 

There is no rule about the size of campaign materials. All is depends on the campaign team, but they should care for the neatness and tidiness of city. That rule makes people more creative, on the other hand it makes Jakarta as the “ocean of campaign materials” in every election. Although,the situation now is much better than previous years.

It is different like Thailand, that define clearly the certain measure of campaign materials. Thailand also forbids the use of stickers and posters, because they are sticky and difficult to clean and be removed especially when cooling period, where all the campaign materials must go 2 days before voting day. Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Indonesia still allow stickers and posters.  

Note dari penulis :
Tertarik ingin punya bisnis sendiri???? Gampang caranya. Add akun Facebook saya yang ada di sebelah kanan atau kiri artikel ini.  

Kalau sudah jadi friend saya di Facebook, nanti saya undang ke pertemuan bisnis kami. Tenang, kalau cuma hadir di pertemuan bisnis, gak perlu bayar. Pertemuannya juga online, lewat Facebook. Jadi gak perlu keluar rumah, dan kalau lagi di luar rumah, gak perlu batalin janji. Kan bisa lewat handphone. Asyik, kan. Yuk, gabung yuk.

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