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Monday, July 9, 2012

The Bodyguards of Democracy in DKI Jakarta

In the upcoming provincial election of DKI Jakarta that will be held on Wednesday, 11th July 2012, KIPP chapter Jakarta will deploy hundreds of observers in six municipalities:
1. Jakarta Pusat (Central Jakarta)
2. Jakarta Selatan (South Jakarta)
3. Jakarta Barat (West Jakarta)
4. Jakarta Timur (East Jakarta)
5. Jakarta Utara (North Jakarta)
6. Kepulauan Seribu (Islands of Seribu)

KIPP Jakarta provides some training for its observers. On Sunday, 8th July 2012, KIPP Jakarta conducted a final briefing to its observers. Actually it’s not the last and the final one, because two days before the D-Day, the observers will have some informal training under coordination and supervision of the respective region coordinator.

The newbie's posed with the founder of KIPP Indonesia, Mr. Mulyana Wira Kusumah (middle, with purple shirt)

The requirements of being the observers are: 
1. Non Partisan. The observers should be neutral; he or she has no favor to any candidate.
2. Voluntarily. He or she joins KIPP voluntarily and without pressure from any party.
3. Non violence. Election observers may not cause any conflict. 
4. Free and Fair.

It is great to see many young people to register as observers. Observers of KIPP are volunteers and get no allowance, but T-shirt (luckily this year KIPP Jakarta can provide T-shirt), ID card and a certificate.

KIPP Jakarta is glad to have them, especially when we compare the payment of being the party agent. And the young generation in Indonesia mostly is going to be a hedonism generation. They prefer to go to music concert, discuss the latest fashion, or just sit and chat in coffee house.  

Anyway, welcome to the all newbie’s, we call them KIPPers. Your name and your work will be written in the history as the guidance of democracy in Indonesia, especially in DKI Jakarta. 

Note dari penulis :
Tertarik ingin punya bisnis sendiri???? Gampang caranya. Add akun Facebook saya yang ada di sebelah kanan atau kiri artikel ini.  

Kalau sudah jadi friend saya di Facebook, nanti saya undang ke pertemuan bisnis kami. Tenang, kalau cuma hadir di pertemuan bisnis, gak perlu bayar. Pertemuannya juga online, lewat Facebook. Jadi gak perlu keluar rumah, dan kalau lagi di luar rumah, gak perlu batalin janji. Kan bisa lewat handphone. Asyik, kan. Yuk, gabung yuk.

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