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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Book on Methods for observing Election Day

Peraturan KPU or Regulation of Election Commission of Indonesia no. 10/2012 about Election Observers enable everyone, both national and foreigners, to observe Indonesian general elections 2014. This regulation, however, obligate the observers to conduct their observation following the principle of international standards for election observation.  

The cover is actually still on the table of the designer, so this is a temporary cover 

Aim of the book
This book is aimed to assist and enable people to prepare themselves as individual election observers or election monitoring organization who are interested to observe Indonesia general elections, presidential election, local elections, and even elections abroad.

This book is limited only methodology on voting day and counting process, the other part of electoral cycle observation will be written in other following books, because election observation field is very wide.

Users of the Book
People who can have benefit from this book are not only election observers and their election monitoring organizations. The agents of candidates and political parties, common people who want to deep their understanding of election and their political rights can use this book as well.  

Content of Book
The book will explain:
1.  National and International Standards of Election Observation
2.  Methodology of election observation for (national) election observers (observation on E-Day, reporting, etc.)
3.  Code of Conduct of Observers
4.  What an election monitoring organization need to prepare (how to organize volunteers, how to recruit volunteers, etc.)
5.  Institutions related to election observers and their organizations.
6.  Procedure how to report dispute and sanctions

The book is written in Indonesian language. Any possibility of any language is welcome. I plan to write the book in English and will be sold in Amazon. Perhaps in two next years.


Last but not least, this book is written based on my experience in observing elections and organizing voluntarily observers since 1999, mixed and added with election observation in some Asian countries and some electoral training here and there. One of training is in Austria Fall 2012. 

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