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Thursday, June 13, 2013

A chit for cheat

You are not election observer in Pakistan, if you don't know "per chit".  Per chit is a small paper contains name and poll stations where the voter cast the vote. It is not official document for eligible voters, since the only valid document was CNIC (Identity Card), however, without per chit, many voters were not allowed to enter some polling booths or polling stations. 

Left is per chit provided by PML-N, and right is by PTI.

Left is per chit provided by PML-N, and right is by PTI.
In Indonesia, Thailand and Sri Lanka, per chit is provided by Election Commission and delivered to voters’ home by postman or by person in charge.  

Indonesian chit for Gubernatorial Election of DKI Jakarta, Second Round, 20 September 2012 

In Indonesia, the similar chit is C-6 Form (surat undangan) and it is mentioned the name, location of PS and sometimes certain time to cast the vote, in order to avoid the crowd at one time. The logo is Election Commission.

In Pakistan, the ECP doesn't do to help voters to find the polling station, so the political parties take initiative. And what happened? They make per chit with their symbol and the voters bring this inside the polling station. And it is part of violation because it is campaign inside the polling station.

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