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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Political Parties in Pakistan

In upcoming Pakistan general election, there are many running political parties. Here is a synopsis of political parties from , a blogger from Pakistan, on 9, Jan 2012. His synopsis here is his own opinion. 

A left wing, liberal party with no clear political, social or economic agenda. Party shows little values other than money-making  through corruption, as most of the people say. Most of the members of this party employ fiery language and strange set of moral and ethical values. It sure has a reasonably large fan base called Jayalas. Leadership is one with maneuvering talents and is usually ready to exploit its fan base for personal gains. Economic crisis grips the country each time they make it to the saddle. The original family who formed the party only exist in pictures, and some have formed another faction of PPP

A right wing party with a more liberal leadership then usually portrayed. This party has quite a few smart peoples but ironically their skills and experience are rarely utilized. The party leadership is not as sharp as their rivals’ but follow a certain ethical and moral values and humbleness. Moreover, they dwell in their past glories more than focusing on the present and so lack clear direction and vision of the future. Their style of engaging in corruption is a little eccentric and rather indirect. Their fan base is an as huge as PPP’s which may in one way be positive that only sensible people join the party. Who knows!

Can’t tell if they are right wing or left wing, rather it’s a no-wing party or perhaps winged only to be able to fly up to the power. It’s currently the establishment’s darling. Leadership is arrogant and believe themselves to be all, know all, with invisible, magical solutions for almost every social, political and economic issue. Their current activities only involve mud-slinging on others and chanting slogans of change. They have a large and mostly blind fan base.

A purely right wing party with large numbers of scholar from a particular group. Lacks youth in their fan base. They are still unaware as to how to use Media to promote a positive culture about them.  Current leadership is not ready to take on tough questions. Have a good management and organization. Discussion and opinion sharing is common amongst the group members. They have the capability to create a unified vision. Don’t use media very effectively.

A left wing liberal party which has immensely gone corrupt lately. It shows political skills more often than not. Bad governance and corruption is rampant in their rule. Have strayed away from their parent ideology. Are usually involved in the pettiest of the issues and have never tried to become a national party. Have restricted entries on the bases of ethnicity and cultural background

Another no-wing party. One day as they protest for Aafia Siddiqui’s release, the very next day they start supporting friendship with the US. Ironically, their top leadership seems to be relying less on their mental faculties these days. Their identity is usually associated with violence, vandalism and destruction. Their philosophy is to mostly use ethnic background as up bearer of their identity. MQM includes many people from middle class, but are blamed for being engaged in corruption and criminal activities, and  are used by the establishment for their purpose and benefit time again.

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