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Friday, April 3, 2015

Language and Political Integration

I just realized that my answer to some Sri Lankans during my provincial election observation mission in 2013 could be misinterpreted and endanger their point of view regarding to the unitary of nation.
Some of them asked, which language Indonesians use, because they know that Indonesia has so many local languages. I said, we use Indonesian language as lingua franca. And they sighed. 
I am just thinking these days, perhaps they wonder why Sri Lanka has only 2 languages (so far I know), but they had bloody civil war for 30 years. And Indonesia has hundreds languages, but can live in peace with only one language.
It should be other explanation for that, but I didn't have time and lack of knowledge at that time. It regards to political integration. Indonesia has hundreds language and use one language: Indonesian language that originated from Melayu Pasar dialect used by Nusantara archipelago traders. And it's not a folk or a tribe or a nation. In the school, in the government office we use Indonesian language. But daily, they still speak local language. And the most important thing, the recruitment of bureaucrats and military officers are from all ethnics in Indonesia. We have affirmative action for all ethnics to join. It's different in Sri Lanka. They have only 2 languages, and they choose the one and it influences all aspecta of Tamil's life. And other things....
Oh, I should write it.... yes, after this semester finishes.

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