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Monday, October 15, 2012

Why all the Political Parties didn’t meet Administrative Verification Requirements

Two parties (Golkar and Nasdem) who want to contest in upcoming General Election 2014 blamed Sistem Informasi Partai Politik (SIPOL) or Information System for Political Party launched by KPU that none of 34 parties that submitted the administrative documents to KPU was eligible to take part in upcoming General Election, this was one of the resumes of the discussion held by The Indonesian Institute, Jakarta, October 11 2012.

Left to Right: Indra J. Pilliang, Endang Tirtana, Ghazali, Hanta Yudha, Hadar Gumay

The speakers in this discussion were Mr. Indra J. Piliang from Golkar, Mr. Endang Tirtana from Nasdem, Mr. Hadar Gumay from KPU and Mr. Hanta Yudha AR researcher of TII. The discussion was chaired by Mr. Abdul Rohim Ghazali, board member of TII.

According to the speakers of parties, SIPOL is planned to ease the administrative verification, however in the implementation SIPOL caused some problems. 

First, The column for date of birth. When the data was uploaded, the output of the birth year of any party member was 2012 (0 year old). It means, the system denied this person being a party member

Second, The Electoral Law determines that a party should have 1,000 members in any Kabupaten. In SIPOL, the address should mention very clearly with Kecamatan and RT/RW. In the reality, not all places in Indonesia have the same structure like that. In some provinces in Indonesia, they use dusun, kampong etc. instead of Kelurahan. Not all dusun and kampong has RT/RW. And if they don’t input RT/RW, the data will be denied by SIPOL.
Note :
Administrative in Indonesis is : Country >>> Province >>> Kabupaten/Kotamadya >>> Kecamatan >>> Kelurahan >>> RW >>> RT

Third, every party should show the letter of rent, letter of property’s belonging, etc for the party office. Most of the office party in kabupaten and other level below is the house of the party officer as well. 

Fourth, output of SIPOL is different with the input data uploaded before. Some numbers are too much, and in the other data is too less.

Fifth, SIPOL was just socialized to political parties just a couple days prior to registration date. Many political parties are not ready for that.

Sixth, the skill of KPUD officers who uploaded the data into SIPOL should be improved. Because some data changed each other.

According to Nasdem, it’s better not use SIPOL as verification tool, because the law doesn’t mention that. It is better to use hardcopy and softcopy as mentioned in Electoral Law No. 8/2012.

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